British Female Tourist Raped 12 Men from Israel

British Female Tourist Raped 12 Men

NICOSIA – A 19-year-old British tourist who claimed to have been raped by 12 men from Israel at a resort in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, reported to police. According to him, all the men from the Jewish state forced and raped him alternately for about an hour until he fainted.

The victim and all the suspects are partners in an identity parade held at the resort. The rape took place at a hotel where the victim and all the suspects stayed overnight last Wednesday morning.

The victim, whose identity was withheld, explained to police how 12 Israeli men had injured his entire body. She managed to escape after passing out and had to be taken to the clinic.

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The suspects are aged 16 to 19 years. “Women who have made claims are asked to officially take part in the ID (identity) parade,” a Cypriot police source said the victim’s destination was at the tourist hotel.

British Tourist

“We are investigating all aspects of this problem,” the police said.

Based on information from the Israeli news channel, 13 News, the woman told police investigators that she saw 12 faces of the suspect.

“One of them arrested me and then I saw about 12 faces … For an hour or more, one after another raped me,” she said.

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“I was released after passing out, and I ran out of the room, met with friends and they took me to the clinic,” she said.

“I remember that until around 1:00 in the morning, friends I did not know raped me. They hurt my whole body,” the victim said.

The victim is believed to have met the group of men three days before the attack.


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