Controversy! Naughty photo of Rianna Conner (Former American Navy Sergeant)

Rianna Conner, Mantan Sersan AL Amerika

News Today – Rianna Conner and someone’s destiny and life story are unpredictable, and often walk in unexpected ways. The above sentence might perhaps reflect the life of a woman who has the name Rianna Conner or who calls herself Combat Barbie.

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Who would have thought, behind her beautiful face and sexy body, Rianna Conner was a member of US sea transportation. Before becoming a Combat Barbie, he joined the United States Navy, the US Marine Corps has more than seven years and holds the title as Sergeant.

Rianna Conner, Mantan Sersan AL Amerika

Not only that, even Rianna was also said to get a Marine Achievement Medal and Marine Corps award. Yes, we didn’t read it wrong! Because Rianna had taken off her status and life as an American naval soldier, and now with her beautiful face and sexy body, she decided to pursue a career in modeling.

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