4 Types of Animals that Corona Virus Causes, Number 3 Didn’t You Guess…

Animals That Cause the Corona Virus the World Fears

Corona 2019-NcoV virus is a nightmare that is feared by the world today. In addition to the lack of a vaccine to treat this virus, the victim has also reached 1,000 people treated and 58 people died.

Even among doctors who deal with this virus died. What exactly is the cause of this corona virus?

Corona Virus

Not yet certain, but all researchers assume this virus comes from animals. Summarized from a number of sources, here are some animals that are referred to as the corona virus causes:

1. Bat
Fruit bats are thought to be hosts of the corona virus which causes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

Its ability to migrate makes bats as a potential host to spread the virus to many areas.

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2. Snake
Researchers in the journal Medical Virology report that snakes could be the origin of this virus. The specifics are cobra (Naja atra) and Krait (Bungarus multicinctus).

Researchers find out by examining proteins in viruses that recognize host cells. This is an important clue because it can state how the virus can switch from snakes to humans.

Cobra and krait snakes are two types of poisonous snakes that are widely sold in the animal market city of Wuhan, China. Even these two types of snakes are sometimes marketed for consumption.

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